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【20220815】Chen Kun On His Mark Of Excellence

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MVMT 2022: Cover Star And Montblanc Global Brand Ambassador, Chen Kun On His Mark Of Excellence
MVMT 2022:封面明星和万宝龙全球品牌大使陈坤谈他的卓越标志

Striving for his best with mindfulness and diligence in every step of his career, award-winning actor, writer and Global Brand Ambassador of Montblanc Chen Kun distinguishes himself as one of the finest of his generation and a master of his craft.


As with all things in luxury, the finest work in life is neither a natural occurrence, nor a chance discovery. On the contrary, it is made, with concerted efforts, thought and care. Even diamond, gold and precious metals, when found in its natural state, need to be mined, studied, measured and crafted before it could amount to anything meaningful. Going by the work of award-winning Chinese actor and writer Chen Kun, following this principle, we can easily identify the star of The Yinyang Master and Montblanc Mark Maker as one of the finest artists on screen.

与奢侈品中的所有事物一样,生活中最好的作品既不是自然发生的,也不是偶然发现的。 相反,它是通过齐心协力、深思熟虑和精心制作的。 即使是天然状态下的钻石、黄金和贵金属,也需要对其进行开采、研究、测量和加工,然后才能成为任何有意义的东西。 按照中国获奖演员、作家陈坤的作品,按照这个原则,我们可以很容易地将《阴阳师》和万宝龙马克制造者的明星认定为银幕上最优秀的艺术家之一。

To watch Chen Kun’s performance in the epic period series The Rise of Phoenixes, the actor plays the demanding role of Ning Yi, an exceptionally perceptive and righteous prince with a legitimate cause for vengeance following the wrongful deaths of his loved ones. In pursuit of truth, justice and peace, he is forced to live under the cover of a care-free persona and treads on thin ice.

观看陈坤在史诗时代系列《天盛长歌》中的表演,该演员扮演了一个严苛的角色,一个非常敏锐和正义的皇子,在亲人的错误死亡后有正当的理由报仇。 为了追求真理、正义与和平,他被迫生活在一个无忧无虑的角色的掩护下,如履薄冰。

As the multi-layered role and heavy plot unfold like an abstract strategy game of Go (Weiqi) over a whopping 70 episodes, Chen Kun’s performance plays out like a grand piece of symphony, encompassing a rich spectrum of nuances and timbres. Delivered with the utmost precision and control, there’s an almost palpable sense of craftsmanship.

多层次的角色和沉重的情节如同围棋(围棋)的抽象策略游戏一样展开,长达 70 集,陈坤的表演就像一曲宏大的交响乐,包含丰富的细微差别和音色。 以最高的精度和控制力交付,几乎可以感受到工艺的感觉。

Moved by excellence and passion in everything he does, Chen Kun approaches acting and life like the artisans at Montblanc, with meticulous care and mindfulness, making him an artist with a rich mind and keen writer. Having discovered the power of introspection from walking, the actor hailing from Chongqing even initiated Power to Go with the aim of encouraging his peers and the public to find some me-time by taking long walks outside the home or workplace as a means of clearing the head, reorganising our thoughts and contemplating about life and career.

陈坤对所做的每一件事都被卓越和热情所感动,他像万宝龙的工匠一样对待演戏和生活,一丝不苟的关怀和正念,使他成为一位思想丰富的艺术家和敏锐的作家。 这位来自重庆的演员从步行中发现了自省的力量,他甚至发起了Power to Go,旨在鼓励他的同行和公众找到一些自己的时间,通过在家里或工作场所之外长时间散步来清理 头,重新组织我们的思想,思考生活和事业。

As a veteran, he has also founded a performance studio, The Dome Studio, alongside actresses Zhou Xun and Shu Qi, and filmmakers Chen Kuo Fu and Wuershan, creating a safe space to nurture the next generation of actors with their experience.

作为资深演员,他还与演员周迅、舒淇、电影人陈国富、乌尔善等共同创办了演艺工作室『山下学堂』 ,用他们的经验打造了一个培育下一代演员的安全空间。

Augustman Malaysia took the opportunity to reach out to Chen Kun and we are pleased that the actor has graciously obliged us with an exclusive cover story for our latest edition of MVMT.

Augustman Malaysia 借此机会与陈坤取得联系,我们很高兴这位演员慷慨地为我们提供了最新版 MVMT 的独家封面故事。

Brand Ambassador Chen Kun luxury watches montblanc MVMT 2022 Watch Ambassadors
品牌大使陈坤豪华腕表万宝龙MVMT 2022腕表大使


Over the years, you have distinguished yourself as one of China’s finest artists. Being a Montblanc Mark Maker – how would you describe your mark; what values and qualities do you wish the next generation to remember you by?

As an actor I do what I love with passion and a sense of duty. For an actor, there is no higher honour than when the character he plays is remembered. I continue to strive for the same passion that younger performers exhibit. Passion can drive one to overcome exhaustion and keep one going.

多年来,您已成为中国最优秀的艺术家之一。 作为万宝龙商标制造商——您将如何描述您的商标; 你希望下一代以什么样的价值观和品质来记住你?

作为一名演员,我带着激情和责任感去做我喜欢的事。 对于一个演员来说,没有比他扮演的角色被记住时更高的荣誉了。 我继续为年轻表演者所表现出的热情而努力。 激情可以驱使一个人克服疲惫并继续前进。

Much to our pleasant surprise, we found out from one of your fans’ videos that you had to learn Indian songs earlier on in your career – what’s the story behind this?

Before I was admitted into Beijing Film Academy to learn acting, I was a solo singer in China Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble. Many thanks go to my vocal teacher, Wang Mei Yan (王梅言), who taught me when I was young. She unearthed my vocal talent, opening the doors to music in my life. China Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble is a national outfit. Not only has it spread the Chinese arts of singing and dancing to other parts of the world, but it has also introduced cultures from other parts of the world to the Chinese audience.

Perhaps it was my looks and voice that stood out. Upon admission into the troupe, I was entrusted to sing Indian numbers, as well as songs in other minority languages. To sing in foreign languages, not only does it demand correct pronunciation and intonation, but I had to also channel the right emotion. I learnt not only the pronunciation of Hindi words, but also immersed myself in Indian films. They had a profound impact on me. It became especially helpful in my subsequent acting career.




“Don’t lose sight of the reason you took up the challenge, savour every moment of the process” — Chen Kun


How important is culture to you and what importance does being exposed to other cultures outside of China have for you and your work?

Acting is a vocation that requires lifelong learning. Actors are the messengers of society and culture. It is exceedingly difficult to convey the message of cultural and heritage works without an in-depth understanding of culture. Though I am fascinated with Chinese traditional art, I still learn about the cultures of different countries. Like the world’s oceans, culture and art know no borders. This is reflected in my line of work too. A character can elicit the same emotional response from audiences in spite of vast cultural differences. Emotion is universal.



As society progresses, financial issues and limited opportunities continue to plague the younger generation, with more and more falling victim to depression and high pressure – as one who has gone from nothing to proven success, what wisdom would you dispense?

The saying that carries the meaning “be the best version of yourself, but never impose yourself on others” (莫失己道,莫扰他心) bears an influence on me. I believe that for as long as I focus on myself, and my intention is pure, I will find peace and the strength to keep going. Even now, I am still just as passionate about acting and I look forward to my next character.



What was the single most challenging role in your career and what did you do to overcome it?

For me, every character possesses its own set of challenges. In my last role in TV series The Wind Blows From Longxi (风起陇西), I played double agent Chen Gong (陈恭), a nondescript experiencing the ebbs and flows of troubled times. For that, I chose a nuanced portrayal of the character, moulding myself after the Chinese proverb 一默如雷, meaning even without making a sound, I leave behind an impression as loud as a thunder. The challenge was new to me. Never in my previous works had I ever done such a performance. But I believe the most formidable role is always the next.



In the Montblanc campaign, you mentioned about “internal dialogue” – please elaborate on this process and how does it help you as an actor?

Introspection is something everyone should do. From the internal dialogue, one gains a sense of clarity, understanding what one truly aspires to accomplish. It gives me massive help as an actor. It helps me immerse myself into the character, to converse with other characters, to see life through the lens of my character, and to experience the character’s joy and sorrow.



In addition to acting, you’ve also inspired and helped many by introducing the benefits of walking and self-reflection through Power to Go and authoring books about walking – when did you first discover the power of walking and how does it work for the general public, especially in this increasingly fast-paced “digital” era?

When I started, walking was only a habit. Along the way, I found inner peace. A walk like this can be beneficial. I recommend it to everybody. As our lives become increasingly hectic, time for self-care dwindles. Self-care isn’t limited to travelling on foot; there are other ways. I hope everyone can set aside some time and spend it with just themselves.

除了表演之外,您还通过 Power to Go 介绍步行的好处和自我反省,并撰写了有关步行的书籍,从而启发和帮助了许多人——您是什么时候第一次发现步行的力量以及它对一般人的作用公众,尤其是在这个节奏越来越快的“数字”时代?


Is this method of walking also in keeping with the age-old saying, “The journey matters more than the destination?”

It is the journey, not the destination, that counts. This year marks the 12th anniversary of Power to Go. As the project develops further, we have moved beyond just walking. I hope it will become an open platform, whereby participants can discover their own ways to self-reflect.

重要的是旅程,而不是目的地。今年是 Power to Go 成立 12 周年。随着项目的进一步发展,我们已经超越了步行。我希望它将成为一个开放的平台,让参与者可以发现自己的自我反思方式。

What is your attitude on set when interacting with the younger generation of talents?

I admire them greatly, but at the same, there are some aspects that shall remain my own.



Apart from good entertainment, actors, artists, filmmakers and writers share the common purpose of telling great stories – what kinds of stories are you most passionate in telling, and what do you look for from the roles/scripts offered to you these days?

I grew up in Chongqing, surrounded by folklore and oriental fables. Those stories and the characters kept me company during my lonely childhood. They helped unfurl my imagination. Ever since becoming an actor, I have hoped to transmit the idyllic life of our generation back then. I would love to work with like-minded directors to bring oriental myths and historical accounts to the big screen. I hope the world will someday witness these oriental allures have been passed down through the ages.


我在重庆长大,周围都是民间传说和东方寓言。 在我孤独的童年时代,那些故事和人物陪伴着我。 他们帮助展开了我的想象力。 自从当了演员,我就希望能把我们这一代人的田园生活传递下去。 我很想与志同道合的导演合作,将东方神话和历史故事搬上大银幕。 我希望世界有朝一日能见证这些东方魅力的代代相传。

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